Sand Screening Machine South Africa

Sand Screening Machine South Africa

Sand Separation Plant

Gravel is more coarse than sand and depending on the size of the sand and gravel you want to separate, It need to apply a strainer sand screening machine to do the job. In construction, the gravel runs through a series of different sized screens that are built onto a conveyor. The large rocks stay on top of the wire screen while the smaller particles fall through into waiting trucks. For the average person, you do not need elaborate equipment to separate the gravel from the sand. SBM provides high performance sand separation plant and sand screening machine in South Africa.

Sand Sizing and Screening Process

Sand and gravel typically are mined in a moist or wet condition by open pit excavation or by dredging. Sand processing operation involves several different types of machineries such as sand crushing plant, sand screening machine, sand washing plant, sand drying plant, classifier, separation machine etc.

Sand and gravel must be sorted by size. This generally begins when it arrives for processing. Bars are placed over a receiving hopper to catch large pieces. Screens are then used to separate larger and smaller pieces as the materials are transported by belts or conveyors. The gravel is washed and either further processed or stored. The sand is freed of impurities, screened and dried before storage.

Sand Screening Machine South Africa

As a professional vibrating screen machine manufacturer and supplier, SBM focuses on optimizing every details and creating more wealth for our customer. SBM provides various types of sand screening machine in South Africa, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe etc. Our crushing and screening plants show excellent performance in mining activity.

SBM vibrating screen shows excellent performance in selecting the materials with different particle sizes and specifications, and helps produce uniform sand for various construction applications, such as highway, railway, building, cannel etc. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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