River Gravel Sand Making Machine

River Gravel Sand Making Machine

River gravel sand production line

River pebbles is really a natural stone, abundant resources, inexpensive, in today's increasingly scarce organic sand, river pebbles artificial sand has turned into a new trend. River gravel sand making device is improved after years associated with study and research and development especially for the new generation of water gravel crusher, crusher machine integrate various reference works together with new technology designed, its typical use would be to adapt the current artificial fine sand industry, is the cone crusher, effect crusher, sand making replacement straight-preferred items. Deep cavity-type rotor aircraft following the design has been optimized to create the material throughput increased through about 30%, the whole life increased by 40% or even more, a great saving costs as well as enhance efficiency.

River gravel sand of the general process

River pebbles in the use jaw crusher for coarse breaking work produced right into a coarse material transported by conveyor to another fine crushing machine breaking work, crushing stone to the shaker after screening out two kinds associated with gravel, sand meet machine feed size stones in to sand making sand and partly feed back to thin broken. Sand stones made into a part of sand, sand Jingxi machine (optional) cleaning products made from sand and partly into the crusher damaged again.

Advantage of River Gravel Sand Making Machine

  1. River Gravel Sand Producing Machine has simple structure, less putting on parts
  2. high speed and the environment velocity big line of safe as well as reliable
  3. River Gravel Sand Making Machine running about the stable and large displacement. Maintenance amount is little, operation cycle is lengthy. Machine small size, light weight, little size
  4. River Gravel Sand Producing Machine Machine without lubrication, not simple to be contaminated by oil gas. Great sealing effect, less leakage phenomenon.
  5. Simple to realize automation control and large size.
  6. River Gravel Sand Making Machine includes a flat performance curve and a wide range of smooth running operation.
  7. Continuous operation for a long time of time, River Gravel Sand Making Machine generally for ten years, the use of cycle can carry ten years in a row not looking for major repair.
  8. River Gravel Sand Making Machine is advantageous for that comprehensive utilization of heat energy, steam turbine may be used than direct drive motor drive secure and reliable, easy to change pace setting.

The manufacturer of river gravel sand making plant

SBM is constantly on the improve the core competitiveness of sand making plant and invests a lot of money in the equipment production as well as research. In order to accelerate development from the enterprise, we need to have a definite understanding of our current situation as well as advantages, introducing scientific research talents, enhancing technical content and quality, as nicely as spreading the brand influence. We have to make a detailed brand implementation plan because creating a brand needs a long process. We're the most professional manufacturer of river gravel sand making plant and may produce machine-made sands with uniform particle dimension and high compressive strength. This kind of sand is more good construction requirements than the natural sand or the typical sand produced by the hammer fine sand making machine. It is more useful to increase the construction quality.This is just a simple introduction, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact our staff, we wholeheartedly at your service.

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