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  • Eric Christensen


  • Jason Glaser - (President)
  • Eric McFadyen - (Vice President)
  • Tyler Gainous - (Captain)
  • Danielle Buis - (Treasurer)
  • Tessa Spyksma - (Secretary)
  • Rob Way - (Safety Officer)
  • Dani Ward - (Social Chair)
  • Morgan Allen - (Fundraising)


  • Danny Adamo
  • Erica Tabler
  • Erin Wilson
  • Gina Calabrese
  • Jessica Ulvang
  • Justin Payton
  • Katie Martin
  • Morgan Allen
  • Nick Lagorio
  • Nico Woulard
  • Rob Way
  • Sasha Sinkevich
  • Taylor Patrick
  • Tessa Spyksma
  • Travis Briscoe





Team Calender

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General Team Information

This is the 5th year of the Chico State Wakeboard team. The teams overall goals are to improve and attend at least one American Wakeboard Association tournament per semester. Our first semester as a team we placed 5th overall at the Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals in Orlando Florida. We have qualified for Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals every year since and in 2010 we brought home the Gold. National Champions Baby!!!


Team Participation

Team members are required to be involved with all fundraisers and functions that are team related. There is a team meeting weekly and those are mandatory. There is a weekly boat washing which is mandatory for all of those members who have practiced that week.



Once you are on the team, how much you practice is up to you. We strongly suggest you practice as often as you can. The team owns a boat which is out at practice Mondays through Thursdays approx. 9AM to 6PM. (depending on the drivers schedules)


Team Costs

Dues: Team dues are $300 for the Fall Semester, and $250 for the Spring. Payment of dues allows skiers unlimited practice rides for the duration of the semester. This money is used to cover the team boat, gas, insurance, registration, maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses. Dues need to be paid in full before you practice each semester.


AWSA Fees: Every member must be a member of the American Water ski/ Wakeboard association. This information will be provided to team members at the first meeting.



Important Documents

Team Constitution

New Member To Do List

Very Serious Team Rules


Practice Lake Directions


Villa Lagos