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Who We Are

Our passion for wakeboarding extends beyond our team and reaches out to the Northern California region. Our presence has helped build the reputation of the already distinguished, but still unrecognized, Northern California wakeboard scene. Our existence gives Chico State students as well as the surrounding community the opportunity to participate in the sport of wakeboarding. Without the continued support of those vested in our team, our program would not be where it is today.


Team History

Past, Present & Future


The Forebay Aquatic Center

Chico State’s Associated Students Forebay Aquatic Center proposed an alliance between it and the Chico State Wakeboard Team to help modernize the Aquatic Center’s appeal in 2008. The successful alliance has increased business to the AS Forebay Aquatic Center by over 400% with its incorporation of student and community wakeboard lessons. With the support of many wakeboard-enthusiast companies, a California Boating and Waterways grant was secured for the purchase of a tournament style wakeboard boat in 2009. Team members acquire boating and waterway certification to promote proper boating safety and dedicate their time to organized practice schedules. The wakeboard outreach has expanded beyond the team, making introductory wakeboarding available to the entire student body and community members of all ages. Summer camps instructed by team members have become a yearly stable in the AS Forebay Aquatic Center program of water related activities for local youth.

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Our Mission

- Maintain a reputable and aspiring Chico State Wakeboard Team   in the water-sports community

- Continue to defend our Division I national title

- Expand the summer youth wakeboarding programs available to   the community

- Continue to introduce our love of wakeboarding to the Chico   State student body

- Share our success with the investment of a reputable boat   company and likewise equipment manufactures in our future   growth and accomplishments

- Maintain a boat manufactured within the past two years for   availability of a tournament sanctioned tow boat for collegiate and   community events


Donors and Sponsors

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